Healthiu​s Adult Care Home
"Peace with Genuine Care"


Kelly, having you take care of my mom was the best decision we could have made. Your home is peaceful and loving. If it hadn't been for your wonderful care we would have lost her sooner than we did. You gave us more time with her and for that I can not thank you enough! You made her feel comfortable in your home as if it was her own. You fed her the best foods possible and catered to her food cravings. You were so sweet and caring with her. I can not say it enough, you rock! You fought to make her better even though the disease she had was not a battle anyone could win. You made all of her family feel like they were a part of your family. You are the most professional, caring and gentle person when caring for your residents. Anyone who chooses you to care for their loved one is going to be grateful that they made Healthius ACH their choice.

Genuine care and peace is exactly what you get at Healthius.

-Mary H.

Kelly has been giving our 105 year-old mom unimaginably wonderful care in her home. She not only provides outstanding nursing care, but her consistent good nature and ever-ready smile make it a pleasure to walk into her serene home. Kelly not only cleared up a chronic wound site, but she adeptly transitioned our mom into oxygen therapy, which has improved the quality of her life—and ours! Her nutritious cooking has enticed our mom to the point that she has gained much needed weight and regained strength and mobility. 
While it is difficult to watch a parent gradually fail, Kelly enables her to pass through end-of-life issues with respect and comfort, which gives us such peace of mind. Two of the professionals who had provided elder care when our mom lived in her own home have visited her at Kelly’s home and have both said that, of the dozens and dozens of adult care homes they have seen, Kelly’s is by far the best. We feel so fortunate to have found Kelly and that she had a place available in her home and in her heart for our mom.

-Peggy L.

Healthius is an amazing place for a loved one--my mother has lived at Healthius for almost a year. Every time I come through the door I get a warm smile to greet me. I am thankful to call this place "home" for my mother. Kelly and her staff are nothing but pure love and kindness & tender hearts. 

Healthius meals are beautiful and my mother loves Kelly’s cooking.  Each room is spacious and newly remodeled.  The back porch of the house is great for sitting and enjoying nature. 

My mother has received individual treatment special to her needs and we are seeing great progress on her recovery from her stroke.  We are so thankful.

Barry L.